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Ham radios are a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. Licensed ham radio operators communicate with each other in nearby places, across the country, around the world or even with astronauts in outer space! All without the internet or cell phones. For anyone who likes to communicate with others via wireless technology, it’s fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need. 
Ham radios can be very portable and affordable. You can set up a ham radio station anywhere! A typical ham radio is a transmitter and a receiver, usually purchased as a single unit, called a transceiver. Newer transceiver models often have semi-complicated controls and menu systems that may take some reading to get the hang of. You may be able to find an older transceiver with controls that are easier to use as a beginner, having the usual analog controls. Hand-held transceivers have their own antennas.

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    Sound Control Rotation Box
    SKU 110060071
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    PIXEL PCB Board
    SKU 102060001
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    Encoder Geared Motor JGA25-371
    SKU 316070002
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    Smart Dust Sensor - SM-PWM-01A
    SKU 114990092
  5. RF Explorer Protection Boot (Yellow)
    RF Explorer Protection Boot (Yellow)
    SKU 322100012
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    SODAQ Mbili
    SKU 109990060
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    Slider Paulownia Case - 120x85x45 mm
    SKU 325000012
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    SODAQ - Microcontroller for Solar Data Acquisition
    SKU 103990027
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    Wifi Shield (Fi250)
    SKU 113030004
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    Espruino Board
    SKU 102990043
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    BLE-Shield v2.0.0 based on Bluegiga BLE112 Module
    SKU 101990013