Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) play an increasingly important role in the fast-growing Internet of Things. As one of the most promising and mature solutions, LoRa is used by more and more developers. Seeed brings you the latest and most cost-effective LoRa devices and LoRa modules. According to different classification standards, we can divide these LoRa devices into LoRa node, LoRa gateway; Arduino LoRa, Raspberry Pi LoRa. In addition, when you choose a LoRa device, you need to pay attention to the frequency band and select the frequency band that is suitable for your country and region. 


LoRa Node:   The LoRa node devices are usually connected to terminal devices such as actuators and sensors. Usually, a LoRa local area network consists of many LoRa nodes and a LoRa gateway. The nodes are connected to the gateway via the LoRa protocol and then the gateway connected to the Internet of Things via wifi, ethernet or other ways.  


LoRa Gateway: There are several LoRa Gateway on our website, when choosing a LoRa gateway, be sure to choose the frequency band that is right for your country. We have 915Mhz LoRa Gateway and 868Mhz Lora Gateway, if you need multi-band gateways, you can consider this LG01-N Gateway which supports 433/868/915/920 Mhz.  


Raspberry Pi Lora: Just plug in the LoRa hat and your Raspberry Pi can be used as a Raspberry Pi LoRa node or gateway. 


Arduinio Lora: Most LoRa modules in this category is Arduino LoRa modules. Including Grove LoRa Modules and Arduino LoRa Shield, with the help of them, your Arduino development board will have LoRa communication capabilities. Or maybe you need an Arduino compatible board with its own LoRa function, then our Seeeduino LoRaWAN will be a good choice, you can also choose the version with GPS - Seeeduino LoRaWAN W/GPS


Speaking of LoRa, how can we miss LoRaWAN? LoRaWAN is a media access control (MAC) protocol for wide area networks, you can find lot of LoRaWAN devices support LoRaWAN protocol in Seeed.

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  1. LoRa/LoRaWAN Gateway - 915MHz for Raspberry Pi 3
    LoRa/LoRaWAN Gateway - 915MHz for Raspberry Pi 3
    SKU 110060623
  2. LoRa/GPS Shield For Arduino
    LoRa/GPS Shield For Arduino
    SKU 113990296
  3. Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz
    Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz
    SKU 113060007
  4. Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHz
    Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHz
    SKU 113060006
  5. Raspberry Pi LoRa/GPS HAT - support 868M frequency
    Raspberry Pi LoRa/GPS HAT - support 868M frequency
    SKU 113990254
  6. Dragino LoRa Shield - support 433M frequency
    Dragino LoRa Shield - support 433M frequency
    SKU 113990194
  7. IoT micro:bit LoRa Node 868MHz/915MHz
    IoT micro:bit LoRa Node - 915 MHz/868MHz
    SKU 113990656