Prototyping is the process of building a model of a system. It is part of the analysis phase of the system's development cycle.
The first"prototype"is the first time all parts of a product or solution are tested together, the first time that the inter-dependencies of all components can be tested, analyzed, and refined.
What is listed in this category? Enclosures for development boards, cables that connect various interfaces, adapters of a wide range of specifications, different kinds of connectors, converters, and many other accessories. All for your rapid prototyping needs.

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    PureThermal 1 with Radiometric FLIR Lepton 2.5
    SKU 114991291
  2. Phoenard Phoenex Breadboard
    Phoenard Phoenex Breadboard
    SKU 102990208
  3. Phoenard Phoenex Proto
    Phoenard Phoenex Proto
    SKU 102990207
  4. Phoenard Phoenon Proto
    Phoenard Phoenon Proto
    SKU 102990205
  5. 5V&3.3V Breadboard Power Supply v1.2
    5V&3.3V Breadboard Power Supply v1.2
    SKU 106990021