Prototyping is the process of building a model of a system. It is part of the analysis phase of the system's development cycle.
The first"prototype"is the first time all parts of a product or solution are tested together, the first time that the inter-dependencies of all components can be tested, analyzed, and refined.
What is listed in this category? Enclosures for development boards, cables that connect various interfaces, adapters of a wide range of specifications, different kinds of connectors, converters, and many other accessories. All for your rapid prototyping needs.

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  1. Mix color ABS pack - Bohemian Blend
    Mix color ABS pack - Bohemian Blend
    SKU 114990220
  2. Image
    Mix color ABS pack - Hipster Hues
    SKU 114990219
  3. Image
    2.5W CIGS Solar Cloth
    SKU 114990247
  4. Image
    1.25W CIGS Solar Cloth
    SKU 114990246
  5. Image
    Micro USB Cable w& Switch
    SKU 321050032
  6. Image
    USB Power Adapter - European
    SKU 106990027
  7. AllPixel Power Tap Kit
    AllPixel Power Tap Kit
    SKU 110060062
  8. DVK570 Shield for Cubietruck
    DVK570 Shield for Cubietruck
    SKU 103110001
  9. CH340G USB to Serial (TTL) Module&Adapter
    CH340G USB to Serial (TTL) Module&Adapter
    SKU 317990026
  10. PL2303 USB to Serial (TTL) Module&Adapter
    PL2303 USB to Serial (TTL) Module&Adapter
    SKU 317990027
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    Aluminum Shaft Coupler(6-6mm)
    SKU 323010070
  12. Image
    Aluminum Shaft Coupler(4-6mm)
    SKU 323010073
  13. Image
    Aluminum Shaft Coupler(4-5mm)
    SKU 323010074