Seeeduino Film, maybe the first Arduino(TM) compatible board on FPC

It’s an interesting and hard process to discover the different ways of boards.

We tried to design an Arduino(TM) compatible board fits to smallest apertures. The goal is extremely small, slim, flexible while maintaining its nature of developing board.


Cut-able, Scrollable and Chain-able

Full functional Atmega168/328 breakout

USB-Serial interface

Built-in charger circuit

Default a complete Arduino compatible board, could be cut to fit needs

20pin bus passed across all blocks

Pros found:

light, slim, small, flexible as planned

Cons found:


Too slim to fit in the connectors

Might still be too much overhead

Next steps

It is far from mature, we will prepare a few prototypes for community inspiration. Please let us know how you might use them and the key factors you would care, we will select the comments and ship them in one week frame. Thanks!

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95 thoughts on “Seeeduino Film, maybe the first Arduino(TM) compatible board on FPC

  1. I’d use it for fitting the arduinoboy mod to a nintendo gameboy. (turning it into a midi synthesizer). Would save SO much space for the rest of my modwork!

    1. 好 Xadow is right for you if you are seeking a balance between size and function

  2. Selling my seeeduino film, bluetooth, oled, and usuart frames for crypto coins. Message me. Couldn’t get my projects to work, but all items work 100%. Thanks

  3. I would be very interested in this to use for a few of my projects one which would be the body generating power suit, given the flexibly of it would be perfect for this design making it less bulky and light weight.

  4. I might be known to decorate a cake with one of these…. This could wrap around the form of the cake and be an embellishment as well and ooo! cupcakes!

  5. Good idea!
    We are building wireless vibration device for deaf people and we were looking for something “wearable” looks like you have It!
    Our device should include a lipo charger and a wireless module (rfm12b for eg)
    Willing to be a beta tester!!!!!!

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