DSO Nano in Akihabara

Our friend Lei Gao, one of the earliest Arduino user in china, now study in Keio Media Design (KMD) in Japan. He went to visit Akihabara few days ago and surprisingly found our DSO Nano in one booth there.  The price is about 118 USD, as expensive as everything else in Japan. LOL.

Akihabara is the very famous electric town in the world, a dream place for people like me. everything related to electrical can be found here. as the rapid growth of arduino users in Japan, you can easily find Arduino and related components in this place, but the price is usually triple the average.

“My classmate only bought a  Arduino board and some basic components, 100 USD were gone ” , says Lei Gao.

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1 thought on “DSO Nano in Akihabara

  1. If you’re in Japan don’t bother with Arduinos.
    AzukiDenshi sell a number of Renesas H8 boards that kick the atmels arse.

    For example this board;

    for ¥3,200 a very strong processor with a proper external bus, lots of flash and ram onboard, 16MBit of DRAM..
    The older chips from Hitachi designs have very good serial bootloader/rom monitors out there so you can do debugging without expensive JTAG hardware.

    If you can read Japanese there are lots of very good books about the H8 series.. if not the English software and hardware manuals are brilliant.

    Oh.. did I mention really good gcc support?

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