Special offer this weekend

How time fly! Soon we will have another wonderful weekend. It’s great to have some time to spend with your family, friends, do something interesting. And, the most importantly, Seeed Studio’s weekend special offer!  Let’s see what is going to be on sale this weekend:

Bees shield topview

Bees Shield:

Bees shield will make interfacing multiple Bee-style (XBee, GPS Bee, Bluetooth Bee and etc) easier than ever before. Aside from dual Bee style 20p 2.0 pitch socket, it also has large proto area, customizable software serial port for easier prototyping.


  • Dual Bee type socket
  • 3 indicator LED(ON/Sleep, RSSI, ASSOC)for each Xbee
  • Full size with free drills
  • Reset button for each Xbee
  • Reset button for base board
  • Provide maximal 500mA under 3.3V
  • Full break out for each Bee
  • Switchable of communication with FTDI-USB /Base board

Regular price:  $17.5 Sale price: $10

Availability QTY: 10

Bluetooth Bee:

Bluetooth Bee is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP module compatible with existing Xbee sockets, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. The onboard Serial port Bluetooth module is fully qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) 3Mbps Modulation with complete 2.4GHz radio transceiver and baseband. It uses CSR Bluecore 04-External single chip Bluetooth system with CMOS technology and with AFH(Adaptive Frequency Hopping Feature).It even has the smallest footprint as small as 12.7mmx27mm. Hope it will simplify your overall design/development cycle.

Regular price:  $23.5 Sale price: $17

Availability QTY: 10

GPS Bee:

To make the GPS module easily to compatible with the existent shield , we use the same pin packaging as XBee wireless module.So you can put the GPS module into the existent shield which compatible with XBee. Also you can use the UartSB to connect the GPS module to USB port, run a software named u-center to  analyze the GPS data and to reset the GPS module parameter. Put the GPS Bee on the UartSB , and connect the UartSB to the PC , open the u-center.exe , choose the UartSB port , then you can see the data that GPS module send back , and the software analyze  them and show you the specific information ,like : time , speed , latitude and longitude, ASL and so on.

Regular price:  $55 Sale price: $39

Availability QTY: 10

The special price will be available on 0:00 AM , 3th June -0700GMT,  ends on 24:00 PM, 4th July. Please do not just add them to your shopping cart, or the price will go back to regular when event expires.


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