Seeeduino Film Update – from draft to drafts

The comments on previous blog of Seeeduino film was  overwhelming, we were expecting some positive feedback but never this fierce! We had held internal disputes of this projects and doubted about its fate, now it’s high time we move forward.

Consolidating the needs, we have carefully considered and planned a revision as below:

  • Remove Uart to USB Frame, Leave 5pin in breakout Frame for UARTSB programming
  • Reinforce the IC and connector area
  • Rearrange breakout Frame
  • Battery connector
  • Replace power switch with idle button
  • Remove FPC connectors
  • Full Silk screen
  • Add protective coating

Then, design goal is updated to:


Seeeduino Film and extension Frame will fully base on FPC (flexible printed circuits) with area reinforcement. The design goal is extreme small, flexible and light weight while remaining a developing platform compatible with Arduino ™.

Features (alpha2):

Cut-able, Scrollable and Chain-able

Full functional Atmega168/328 breakout

Built-in charger circuit

Super Low power consumption

Extreme Low weight

Extreme small dimension

Unified FPC bus


Seeeduino film and extension frames will be consisted of 3 functional block, each about 2cm*2cm.

Unified 20 pin bus backbones every frame allows free casacading

Films and frames, frame and frame, or cutted frames, could be connected via joint board which has 2 FPC connectors.


Thanks for the comments! We could only send out all 3-5 working prototypes we have for current draft version. Due to FTDI IC soldering difficulty, please don’t be surprise if you received trimmed one first. Also note that these are more like engineering samples, fragile, unstable, maybe not working, should have some bugs…

A new version is under development and will be ready in 2-3 weeks too, we will send out more prototype by then, thank you for the patience!

11 thoughts on “Seeeduino Film Update – from draft to drafts

  1. Does this mean that maybe, someday, in the near future, it’ll be possible to have custom FPC made by Seeedstudio ? I’d really love that, been wanting to have a 16×16 flexible led matrix for a long time…

  2. Have you considered adding the a wireless transceiver making it a bit like the jeenodes? That is the only add I can think of at the moment.

    From the picture I see an ftdi board, a power supply board, and processor board, and I can’t make out the fourth sections function. Is there a simple circuit diagram to think from available?

  3. Also I have used some LED strips that where FlexPCBs the manufacture sent about 10′ demos to try in a hoop. It had some sort of conformal coating material over the top of them and WOW. Lets just say I have no problems with thinking the packages might pop off. It was hard as nails. KG

  4. I love it ! I love it ! Still wondering about the price point reduction? Can’t wait for the second round of test subjects! Who knows I might just get one 😉 .

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