Seeed Studio and Bure (aka Chai Xiaoguang, the designer of DSO Nano) never stopped improving our oscilloscopes. Now we can introduce you the new model, DSO QUAD.

Comparing to portable easy DSO Nano, QUAD is an intermediate version with more powerful performance and functionality. Target features as below:

  • A first prototype has been made earlier, defining basic structure and functionalities like below
  • 2 Analog channel, 20mV to 10V/div, h36Msps sampling rate, approximate 30Mhz bandwidth, AC/DC coupling.
  • 2 Digital channel, ext. trigger source. Simple AD measurement of 0-5V, DC coupling.
  • 1 Analog signal generator output 10hz~20kHz customizable waveform via DAC.
  • 1 Digital signal generator output 10hz~8MHz square wave.
  • Interface for Bee series/FILM and Electronic Brick Sensors.
  • Internal 2Mb USB storage
  • Designed for hacking, over-clocking, re-purposing, mutants
  • Open source platform with APP store (building)
  • Still compact, wearable(or not), rugged,

This is still an early review of the product, mass production still need at least 2-3 months, target price >150$, trimmed version might be available too. More project info and community comments will be collected on our WISH platform, please feel free to vote, comment or publish your ideas! Participation will be converted to credits on Seeed Depot.

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