See you in Maker Faire this weekend!

Maker Faire is finally coming!

A bit nervous while sitting among big guys like HP, Asus, GE, Google… But we have been preparing for Maker Faire for quite a long time, and now ready to ship ourselves to CA in front of you!

What you will find in our booth?

Seeed Studio Featured products

Steve, our RnD director will bring Featured Seeed Product Line for demonstration, about 100 products range from Seeeduino to DSO Quad, come try and take one away for free! (raffle on the last day afternoon!)  Cheng and Michael upgraded a marble run with grove system and mind control, you won’t miss it.

Ian Lesnet @DangerousPrototypes

Beware fans of Dangerous Prototypes, Ian is here! 🙂

“Stop by to mess with a Bus Pirate, IR Toy, or Logic Sniffer. We’ll also have some new prototypes to play with, like the Bus Pirate v4, POV Toy, Dangerous Superprobe, and more. Our roving blogger who will also cover the entire Maker Faire throughout the event.”

B-Square – Modular Solar Powered Electrics.

Shawn, co-inventor of B-Square managed come to our booth too! He will bring us the latest B-Squares modules prototypes for demonstration!

Also, designers of Gadget FactoryGameduino and Magic Mirror coming together with their newest works!

Small batch Manufacture Service – PROPAGATE

We are finally releasing our latest service Propagate (beta) for small batch PCB, Kitting and assembly! Via this platform, we could share our core manufacturing process to the community, feel free to come and check details. Liao, our sales and marketing director is here for your questions.

If you are a maker, come with your prototype and get a Free fusion PCB coupon!

Mini Workshops

We will have a mini workshop space for 6-8 people, be ware of the “LED” bulletin for latest arrangements.

Free Tickets

As the sidekick sponser, we have a few daypass ticket to give away. Please check this post and contact Hao.

How to get to Seeed Booth?

We are in the Expo Hall, #52 just next to Make booth.

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