Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 10th

It’s been a long time since last issue – 9th.

The project is cancelled in the following days, yes, a lot of project will die soon after they are born. The original design comes with the following specs:

  • number of pixels: 160 * 128
  • panel size: 32.7 * 32.2 * 1.1(mm)
  • weight: 2.02(g)

JIN gives us the spec mostly alike, we will send you a $10 coupon, sorry for the waiting.

Here comes our “big brother”, we call it “BBG”, do you know what does it mean?


See you next week!

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13 thoughts on “Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 10th

  1. Hi,
    RF chip should be incorporated in the board. It is a mandatory feature in this wireless networked world.
    When is it going on sale in India?

  2. Well, I can see BeagleBone_Green V1 on the PCB (lower-right corner), so I’m going with BeagleBone Green.

  3. The board layout and design show that this should be a BeagleBoard series.

    The TI processor should be AM335x Sitara series (AM3358 most probably) with 1GHz. USB host and 10/100mb ethernet with 512 LDDR3 Ram and 4G flash, and very clean PCB design.
    What is missing is a micro usb power input, which i think is wielded below or straight power using Grove connection.

    The extra Grove pin mean this should be a Grove accessories.
    I guess BeagleBone Grove (BBG) add on.

    1. Ah, look like Gurinder have guess it already.
      I think this is a Grove prototype design for the old BeagleBone.

      So, this is just to serve as an extra guessing:

      The layout and GPIO seem to be a BeagleBone series/Cape.
      The green PCB indicate this should be a prototype/3rd party compatible board.

      The Processor should be a TI chip due to logo, and should be AM335x series (same as BeagleBone, AM3359ZCZ)
      The two bigger chip should be eMMC (2/4GB, 8bit) and 512MB DDR3L 800MHz (maybe a 256MB 400MHz DDR2L but i doubt it)
      The Chip beside ethernet port should be the Ethernet PHY chip.
      The bottom chip should be a Power Management IC (I guessing TPS65217B)
      The long chip should be a Crystal for 32.768KHz.

      Reset button on the top left and boot button on the top right
      (hidden behind the Ethernet port should be the power button and 4 LED)
      There are also 6 pin (the metal pin at lower middle) of JTAG UART0 access 6 pin TTL header for debugging.

      Power source:
      The Micro USB OTG port should be wield directly below the LED and the metal cover can be slightly seen cover by the ethernet port.
      The 4 pin battery input is also shown beside the PMIC.

      What is Difference:
      Lack of analog video out. No NXP video framer and HDMI port. Which mean this board require a cape for proper Video/Audio out. Same as old BeagleBone.
      There are also 2 4 pin Grove pin connector with I2C bus.

      And last but not least, the bottom right there write it clearly:
      BeagleBone_Grove V1…

  4. Viola, This looks like our friendly Beagle Bone Black’s Big Brother.
    I would guess BBG means Beagle Bone Grove.

    Likely specs are : 4GB On Board eMMC, 10/100 Ethernet, 512 MB RAM with One USB HOST port, 1GHz AM335* Processor(from TI you can see the TI logo on the IC) and the PMIC and a 4 pin battery port for battery powered applications. Further I can see a UART and an I2C Grove breakout, which is awesome !!!

    There is also a Boot selector switch, a Reset switch, mSD card and the Mini USB on the back (you can see the board slightly lifted on the top edge)

    In short BBG = BBB + Grove Cape ;
    OMG This is Exciting 🙂


    1. Ohh, I forgot to mention, It seams the NXP Video framer IC is either missing or on the back (Which I don’t think is the case), I guess this baby does not have an Micro HDMI port as the original BBB. and I can’t see any other Display option, so I guess the Display has to be via an BB Cape !! or using an LCD cape (24-Bit LCD modules)

      Well thats all Folks !!


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