Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 9th


A demostration of the demo on Previously on #SeeedHit, sam wins again

Here’s the new quiz, easy one



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5 thoughts on “Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 9th

  1. It is Indeed a Xadow based OLED DISPLAY, most probabilly the size of Moto360, I cant see a split so most probabilly either it is a multicolour OLED Display or a Monocolour oled. It seams to have a RST switch and a charge pump OLED driver circuit.

    Wow, this will really boom my project 😛


  2. A Xadow based Round OLED display, let me guess:

    Size: 1.06-inch round
    Resolution: 160*128 pixels
    Active area : 26.9*21.5mm

    Let me know whether I am right 😛

  3. I haven’t found anything on the web about this, so this makes me super excited.

    I see that it’s an Xadow unit, and it says “Round OLED Display v1.0” on it.
    I also see the round OLED display. It is displaying something on it’s screen, so I’m sure if it’s able to keep it’s display (similar to e-ink) or there’s a battery, or we are seeing the back of the unit.
    The shape of the display leads me to believe that the screen is actually the one from the Moto 360 smartwatch.
    There’s also a number on the board “20438a”. This doesn’t bring up anything noticeable.

    TL;DR: It’s an Xadow Round OLED unit from a Moto 360 sitting on a plant.

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