Pebble power up guide 4th – iteration 1

You may heard form follows function before, we followed the rule designing our xadow wearable kit for pebble.

Xadow system is highly modular designed to be separated into different pieces. Every of them comes with the same size and form factor.  Every chips works as an standalone function.

In previous posts we have 3 design roadmap including:

  1. #Pebble power up guide 1st – the conceptual design
  2. #Pebble power up guide 2nd – the initial design
  3. #Pebble power up guide 3rd – an attempt

During every iteration we add more details to this project.

Here’s what we created recently, becoming one option for the solution.


Referred to the “form follows function, what is our design guide line? And what is the form and the function? Here’s a rough one what you should think about.

user experience
form function
basic enclusure add delete xadow module
stability add delete xadow module
size(length, thickness, radian) comfortable to wear
appearance(color, texture) comfortable to wear
h-shaped connection joint add delete xadow module
recharge module ease of use



Besides the rough description, there are more detailed highlights for each picture.

highlight 1


As slim as possible. Between each module we use FPC as the connector, it’s slim and robust enough.

highlight 2

pebble_xadow05 pebble_xadow12

We designed the h-bridge between each of the enclosure, which enable the FPC through it, the h-bridge itself projects the line in it. What a simple and cost effective solution!

highlight 3


There will be a back cover acts as an adaption structure, providing charging and connector between and data connection with xadow.

highlight 4


In the end, the cuttable strap!

During the painful iteration 1, we created the framework which doesn’t work but make sense. We will about to make some changes and build our real prototype that works.

Power up your pebble with us, join the topic and share your ideas with #PebblePowerUP:

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