#Pebble power up guide 1st – the conceptual design

Last week, pebble launched the Concept design of Xadow modular smartstrap system, which is a stamp size dev kits for arduino, with a Xadow adaptor(under development), you can easily add GPS, HR(under development), NFC, OLED to your Pebble Time. There are over 20+ modules here for you to build from your imagination.

Here comes the first batch of our prototype designs:


The main idea is to design the chain blocks which will form the strip of Pebble. Some difficulties we meet now are:

  • how to make it elegant by 3D printing or injecting molding? while some surface process we are considering now.
  • how to enable the data communication via the bus, Xadow is  using fcc currently.

Here are some the of details you may feel our minds:

DSC_2855-001DSC_2854-001 DSC_2853-001 DSC_2852-001 DSC_2851-001


Here’s the live update of our tweets, feel free to express your wish and suggestions on our projects with tag #PebbleXadow.

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