#Pebble power up guide 3rd – an attempt

During the last week, we choose our initial design and further our journey into wearable modules to be place with #pebble.

We leave two questions with us:

  • What we learn from the wearable design iterations
  • What is our next step

For the first one, we learned that “make” is much different from “design”, we are not satisfied with the printed structures.

For the second one, we are still seeking the improvements over “design” and “manufacture”.

The following rendered picture are our imagination, full of simple and smooth details. Looks like a chain of Apple Watch?

01 (1) 01 (2)

3D printing is one of our fav tools to build prototype. The original wrist is built cover with concealed press studs, which keeps the xadow inside. We are frustrated to find out the imprecision made on small structures by 3D printing, the upper and lower can’t match! We print a unibody shell instead so the boards can’t  be placed in the shell now.

The following picture shows how the modules are connected with each other.

2 3

Our next idea is to change a better shell design, a better design within the specified tolerance.

Not only did we try to make it using the traditional industry way, we made some handcraft with leather – the royal edition!

4 5 6 7

We have to say it’s just for fun edition.

OK, let’s talk about the “matrix” design, the cascade connection is not limited to one direction, both vertical and horizontal are accepted.

盔甲 (1) 盔甲 (2) 盔甲 (3) 盔甲 (4)

What happened with this one? See you next time.

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  1. Great idea but a little too feminine in design, the blocky bracelet looks like jewelry and not a sweet watch band. The “i” linked band looks cooler and more like a traditional band design..

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