SXSW Hardware Recap

SXSW was super overwhelming to Seeeders. It is our first time in SXSW and we were even told by Pingwest that we were the sole company from mainland China to attend the trade show. We would like to thank every one passing our booth for your interest.

Of course, we spent a lot of time in the trade show and can hardly make it to every panel and every gig that we want to attend. That’s why we do a hardware recap here from different sources to give a picture of interesting happening around hardware.

1.Badge Hacking from Sparkfun @SXSW Create via Hackaday

Sparkfun create an Arduino compatible badge stick that participants can solder, program, plug into different station around the booth and get a coupon code from the store. Very smart and engaging marketing tactic for young makers.maxresdefault


2. 5 most sci-fi tech predictions from SXSW via Dazed

Drones are the new smart phones  like  a wristband-attached one called Flare that flies in front of you to direct you to your destination as the picture above shows ; Clothes that give you directions like shoes ; You’ll be the designer of your next outfit to customise high-end designer clothing including Vivienne Westwood; Models will be replaced with digital avatars. A map navigation drone called Flare


3.Robot trends via Mashable

In SXSW’s first ever Robot Petting Zoo, attendees at the three-day event were able to touch, operate and program robots of varying sizes and capabilities — including a robot that actually 3D prints while flying. The social good focus, evident throughout the week in a variety of forms, shone through in this event too. Robotics-related panels included The Rise of the Social Robot and The Personal Side of Robots, both of which focused on the future of artificial intelligence and how we’ll interact with robots in our homes and throughout our daily lives in the years to come. Check out the panel on personal robots from Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, founder and CEO of Jibo, Inc. and associate professor at the MIT Media Lab.


4. Wearables Trends via Entrepreneur

The next hot wearable might be the one no one knows you’re wearing. Experts predict a wave of smart fabrics and e-textiles that do what FitBits and Apple Watches now, just with a little more subtlety.



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photo credit: sparkfun, Supaheroe & Jenny Savage
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