I have no idea how did you find out our this link but you did it. Inderpreet Singh, congratulation again.

We used to put our instruction on instructables to explain the project last issue. Thought it’s an ancient story there’s always some one trying to dig it out finally.

The featured led – Ultrathin 16×32 Red LED Matrix Panel is one of great electronic modules you can find in China for personal use. Don’t know how to get started? We prepared  this nice tutorial too!

Picture of this week is much hard than before, so tips are hidden in this picture too.



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  1. It’s a new programmable Xadow board, with battery behind the fishbowl terrarium. Lots of dirt and real plants.

  2. At first it looks much like “Xadow – Main board v1.3” in a Fishbowl, but I can’t find cpu from the picture, so my guess is:

    Xadow board with 2 switches, usb + bat ports and humidity sensor… in a fishbowl 🙂

  3. Xadow main board intended to drive your waterproof RGB LED Flexi-strip. Cozy light show for the fishes! =)

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