#PM TALKS_”Edison-AQI(Air Quality Index) “pre-order after Make Faire Shenzhen!

Seeed PM(Product Manager) Eddy has been signaling these days that a brand new handheld product to measure the air quality nearby will be soon released after Make Faire Shenzhen. And he named the new prototype “Edison-AQI(Air Quality Index)”. During the Make Faire Shenzhen, you can take the first look of this new technology in Intel’s booth(No. C1)

By cooperating with Intel, SPEC Sensors and The Weather Company, Seeed is on the way to create an environmental air quality system for makers. And you can pre-order this new product after Make Faire Shenzhen when it’s released.


“Powered by Intel Edison and SPEC Sensors, this system is small, affordable and easy to both deploy and use,” said Eddy. “By contributing their individual data, people can help themselves, their family and even the wider community better manage their health and wellness. This is a great example of how makers can positively contribute in the emerging IOT landscape to help solve real world problems.”


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