Why are circuit boards green?
I see most of the PCB board colors are green, I’ve seen some blue and yellow boards, but not so many, so I have a question, why PCB is always green?

The question above not only asked by engineers but also questioned by electronic hobbyists, so today let’s take about it.

What the green part of a circuit board is.
The green part is called solder mask, the ingredients are resin and pigment, the purpose of solder mask is to protect the circuit board, moisture, anti-oxidation, anti-dust. When the solder mask is “printed” by green color pigment, then it is a green pcb board, that’s mean, the red board, yellow board, blue board and even orange board can be made.

Top Reasons Why Most PCB Color is Green

Reason 1: Green can relieve visual fatigue and be good for eyes

In the early days, due to the problem of technology, line inspection mostly rely on the workers to check with eyes, of course now PCB manufactures use flying probe technique. It’s very tiring to use eyes constantly, green color doesn’t hurt eyes so much.

Reason 2: Cost Saving

Green color is widely used in the production that PCB manufactures would purchase vast green paint, at the same time in high-volume production using the same color paint can reduce the cost of line, therefore, the green paint procurement cost will be lower than other colors.

Seeed Studio Fusion offers 6 kinds of color for solder mask: green, red, yellow, blue, white, black. Even though other colors’ cost is higher than green, Seeed Studio Fusion offers all colors with no extra cost to engineers for easy pcb prototyping.

Reason 3: Reduces Error

According to the fabrication ability technical documentation of Gorilla, green ink would reduce more error and do a smaller area than other colors that you can do a higher accuracy.

why pcb is green