320*240 graphic LCD w Touch Screen and HW accel.

2D drawing engine Font drawing engine
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It is the most Graphic LCD I have seen around, premium quality 320*240 LCD, with Touch screen and HARDWARE Acceleration!

HARDWARE Acceleration Features:

2D drawing engine

  • Line draw

  • Circle draw

  • Circle draw with solid fill

  • Box draw

  • Box draw with solid fill

Font drawing engine

  • Support 8x8, 8x16 and16x16 font size with color expansion

  • Supported user-defined CGRAM

  • Built-in standard 8x8 ASCII font table

  • Support up to 1Mbytes external Character ROM (e.g. Big-5, GB code)

  • Command FIFO architecture to support macro-programming

You may now control a 320*240 touch screen with a 8051, and of course Arduino without any extra circuit! 4Mb documents with source code: >>click to download

Technical details

Dimensions 100mm x80mm x10.5mm
Weight G.W 66g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8531909000
UPC 841454113096
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