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      5 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch

      5 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch

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      This cape features a compact 5 inch LCD for Beaglebone Green or Beaglebone Black. On size it’s a bit smaller than the 7 inch version, but it still has a graphical display at 800x480 resolution and a layer of 4-wired resistive touchscreen for user interactions. It’s very easy to set it up as you only need to attach it directly onto your BBG/BBB through the 2x46 pin headers, which will provides everything the cape requires such power and display signals. Also as an alternative, you can power the cape through the built-in micro USB on the back.

      Below the screen is an array of push buttons - LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and ENTER, which provides an alternative way to interact with your screen. Besides, two LEDs are used to indicate Power and User status,


      This LCD cape is only compatible with SeeedStudio Beaglebone Green and Beaglebone Black.


      • Resolution up to 800 x 480

      • Resistive Touch

      • Ÿ5 push buttons includes LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and ENTER

      • ŸSupports Debian

      • Supports Angstrom

      • Supports WinCE / Android 4.2 by user-define driver

      • ULP (Ultra Low Power) consumption backlight

      • 4x 3mm mounting holes

      • Built-in USB for powering


      • Voltage: 5V DC

      • Current: 110mA (Test conditions: Beaglebone Green not include)

      • Power: 0.55W (Test conditions: Beaglebone Green not include)

      • Dimensions: 130mm*86.5mm*19mm

      • Weight: 120g

      Part List

      • 1 x 5 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch


      • ŸFor technical discussion, please come to our Forum.

      • For projects that you would like to share with the community, please visit Recipe.

      • For more details, please visit its Github.

      • 5INCH_BBG_00A2_SCH

      Technical Details

      Dimensions200mm x 130mm x 50mm
      WeightG.W 212g    

      Part List

      5 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch1


      Questions and Answers

      Do you have a drawing showing dimensions and positions of the switches and the beaglebone itself? I need to make another cape for application-specific circuitry, but the dimensions of that board will depend on where the beaglebone is on the lcd board.
      on Dec 07,2016
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      All I really need to know is the distance between the beaglebone connectors and the bottom of the board.
      on Dec 08,2016 10:35 AM
      Replyupvote ()
      Hello, i'm using this LCD screen and a BeagleBone Black as the user interface to control a CNC-style machine that i'm making, i want to get the control signals from the BeagleBone but the screen ocuppies all the outputs, have any of you made, or know of any shields that let me control some motors from the beagleBone WHILE also controlling it with the touchscreen?Any ideas are appreciated.
      on Apr 05,2017
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      You should be able to use I2C with an I2C expansion buss and three I2c motor controllers to operate 3 stepper motors. If you need to control more than three steppers you could use two expansion busses or you could try an I2C multiplexer, allowing you to use up to 8 I2C boards with the same address and only one port.
      on Oct 12,2017 01:30 AM
      Replyupvote ()
      Hi Its compatible with Beaglebone Green WIRELESS ? Thanks
      on Mar 09,2017
      Replyupvote ()
      can i use this LCD with beaglebone green wireless
      on Nov 29,2016
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        5 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch

        SKU 104990262
        8 Available
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