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8 SQUARE - Heartbeat Necklace Soldering Kit

8 SQUARE is a lovely and eye catching necklace that shows off your geek attitude
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8 SQUARE is a lovely and eye catching necklace that shows off your geek attitude. We designed it to help you build up your confidence as a hardware maker. With the soldering iron held in your hand, and detailed tutorial aside, you can make a red heart bounce on the 8x8 LED matrix.
Easy to Solder
8 SQUARE is friendly when it comes to soldering. Components chosen to fulfill the function are all easiest to solder and appropriate distance between each two pads is kept to ensure people without any soldering experience can get it run with only a little effort.
Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
8 SQUARE features a classic Atmega328 as its processor. You can totally reprogram it as a Arduino UNO - the most widely adapted Arduino board for now. Thousands of tutorials and libraries over the community are easily to found when you need help to support your next Arduino project with 8 SQUARE.
Friendly to Sewing
7 signal pins and 4 power pins are routed our as much larger circular pads along 8 SQUARE. They are designed for further exploration with fabric. The through hole of these signals are large enough to let you put through any regular needles and tie a knot to confirm the connection.
Part List
  • Base board x 1
  • 1k ohm resistor x 4
  • 2k ohm resistor x 1
  • 10k ohm resistor x 1
  • 100nF capacitor x 4
  • 3mm red LED x 1
  • 3mm green LED x 1
  • Push button x 1
  • Switch x 1
  • Coin battery holder x 1
  • LIR2032 coin battery x 1
  • 8 pin female header x 2
  • 8x8 LED matrix x 1
  • leather rope x 1
  • ring x 1
  • tutorial x 1

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 37g
Battery Exclude




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