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Arduino Project Kit: Hands-free Dispenser

This Hands-free Dispenser contains an Arduino and several Grove modules to help you modify your dispensers to make them work hands-free! This will protect you from germs and bacterias.


    Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino Quantity
    Grove Modules Quantity



    • Modify your current dispensers to work hands-free to prevent germs and bacterial contaminations
    • Dispense sanitizer, soap, and beverages by waving your hand or bringing in your cup
    • Powered by highly-sensitive Grove - IR Distance Interrupter with customizable detecting range for use with most dispensers
    • Easy-to-use modular Grove ecosystem accelerates hardware prototyping process
    • Seeeduino Lotus - Combination of an Arduino and a Grove Base Shield with built-in Grove Connectors


    Dispensers are really convenient as with a push of a button, they will dispense your soap, sanitizer, and even your favorite beverages. Despite their convenience, they come with one major flaw; the germ cluttered button. These germs can potentially cause skin irritation or even sickness if it is taken care off. That is why hands-free dispensers are introduced. There will be zero physical contact points for germs and bacterias to be contaminated.

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    However, hands-free dispensers can be costly. Fret not. With this Arduino Hands-free Dispenser Kit, you can mod your current dispensers to work without contact! As long as your dispenser has a button on it, this kit will work. After modding your dispenser with this Arduino Hands-free Dispenser kit, you can simply wave your hand or your cup over to the sensor and the contents will automatically be dispensed. How cool is that!

    The biggest benefit of a hands-free dispenser is the elimination of a common contact point to prevent germs from being transferred. This way, you can be assured that you will not be contaminated by any germs or bacterias on the dispenser itself. With this kit, you’ll have a fun project to do and a hands-free dispenser at the end of it! You can be assured that your hands will not get contaminated.

    Not only will this project be very useful for you, but it is also a great project for beginners who are just getting started with the Arduino. With a detailed guide and a pre-written code by Makerming on, one of Seeed’s makers, you can get through all the major hurdles of building an Arduino project! 

    Furthermore, this Arduino Hands-free Dispenser kit is entirely made up of Grove modules! The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino that comes with this kit includes 10 different Grove modules and a Seeeduino Lotus, with all of them being plug-and-play compatible. With Grove, you can connect the various modules to the main Arduino Board without any soldering! Adding on, besides the Arduino Hands-free Dispenser project, the kit can also be used for 12 other projects that can be found in the guides below!


    • Hands-free Dispenser Modification for Sanitiser, Soap and Beverage Dispensers

    • Grove Sensors for other projects

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