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Arduino Smart Humidifier Kit

This Arduino Smart Humidifier Kit will help you build your very own smart humidifier. This smart humidifier is able to monitor the surrounding temperature and humidity, and autonomously switches on the humidifier when the humidity is below a preset value!





    When the air in your home becomes too dry, it raises the risk of several respiratory issues. Professionals recommend that we keep the humidity in our home or workspace between 30 to 50 percent. A good way to maintain that level of humidity is by using a humidifier!

    This Arduino Smart Humidifier can monitor the surrounding temperature and humidity with high precision. Using the data collected, it will autonomously switch on the in-built humidifier, powered by the Grove - Water Atomization module. Keeping your environmental humidity in a healthy range will make the air not only more comfortable to breathe, but also provides several health benefits. With the Arduino Smart Humidifier, you can easily keep your indoor humidity in a healthy range and reap those benefits!

    Reference: Water Atomization by Jacket Chen 

    This Arduino Smart Humidifier Kit contains a Grove Beginner Kit, which contains every single component needed (excluding the Grove - Water Atomization module), and also a Seeeduino Lotus for this project. With that, you can use the rest of the modules for other projects as well! The Seeeduino Lotus is an Arduino compatible board that comes with 12 Grove connection ports! 

    The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino consists of 10 different Grove modules and a Seeeduino Lotus. They can be used for a range of projects from making your own DIY intrusion alarm, to even an ultrasonic radar to detect the surrounding objects and their distance! Follow the prepared guide to unlock more possibilities:


    • Create your own DIY Arduino Smart Humidifier to autonomously keep the humidity levels at a healthy range

    • Read the surrounding temperature and humidity with the built-in OLED Display

    • Highly precise Temperature and Humidity Readings

    • Powerful ATmega328p based Seeeduino Lotus with 12 Grove connection ports for scalability

    • Easy-to-use modular Grove ecosystem accelerates hardware prototyping process


    • Smart Humidifier

    • Grove Sensors for other projects

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