Blueseeed Shield V2 (HM01)


The Blueseeed TH Shield V2 (HM01) integrates a Serial Bluetooth module

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The Blueseeed TH Shield V2 (HM01) integrates a Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino/Seeedstudio for transparent wireless serial communication.



  • Seeeduino/Arduino compatible

  • Up to10m communication distance in house without obstacle

  • UART interface (TTL) with programmable baud rate

  • A full set of configuration commands

  • On board PCB Antenna

  • Based on HM-01 Bluetooth module

Technical details

Dimensions 100mm x65mm x30mm
Weight G.W 40g
Battery Exclude
Power supply Voltage 3.3V
Baudrate 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800
Default Baud rate 9600, Data bits: 8, Stop bit: 1, Parity: No parity
Default PINCODE ”1234”
Bluetooth version v2.1+EDR

Part List

Bluetooth Shield V2 1


HSCODE 8517709000
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454111474

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