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This is a DIY kit for you to make a saving box with built-in coin counter. The box counts the coins putting inside and show the number on the screen.

How to make?

Key feature:

  • Plug-and-play

  • Easy assemble

  • Great fun for painting

    Considering each wooden board is bare, which means you can fly your imagination and stain it the color you prefer yourself or with kids, friends, etc.

Parts list

  • Grove Line finder*1
  • Grove Joint2.0*1
  • Grove - 4-Digit Display *1
  • USB cable *1
  • Power adapter * 1
  • Wooden boards*1
  • Kraft bracket *1
  • Plastic rivet *1
  • Screwdriver *1
  • Sticker *1
  • Manual * 1

Technical details

Dimensions 280mm x165mm x40mm
Weight G.W 416g
Battery Exclude


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