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      Conveyor Belt Kit for Dobot Magician

      Conveyor Belt Kit for Dobot Magician

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      Simplest mini production line

      The Conveyor Kit for Dobot Magician makes you have a complete production line simulation. Conveyor belt with adjustable speed, distance and color sensor, combined with the powerful and programmable Dobot Magician, these are the ideal essentials for you to create a highly effective simulated production line, or even to apply to actual factory scenes.

      Programmable switch and speed, stable running, this is our most ideal selection for you.

      Accurately inspect object position, suitable for object recognition and distance check.

      The accurate and responsive tool for you to effectively select and categorize objects.

      These colorful wooden cubes are easy to grab, move and pile, the ideal material for you to get a grip of conveyor controlling.

      Technical Details

      Dimensions700mm x 215mm x 60mm
      WeightG.W 4.2g    
      E ective delivering distance600 mm
      Maximum speed120 mm/s
      Maximum acceleration1100 mm/s²
      Distance measuring
      Measurable range20 ~ 150 mm
      sensor unit
      SignalAnalog Output
      Input4.5 – 5.5 V
      Color recognizing
      Input20 ~ 150 mm
      snesor unit
      Detectablenon-glowing object
      White LED embedded, on/o controllable

      Part List

      Conveyor Belt1
      Distance Sensor1
      Color Sensor1
      Wood Block1


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        Conveyor Belt Kit for Dobot Magician

        SKU 110990947
        5 Available
        Ships on
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