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      Cordless Battery - Battery powered Soldering Iron Kit

      Cordless Battery - Battery powered Soldering Iron Kit

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      Pro-35 is a high efficiency battery-powered dual function portable soldering iron and flashlight ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics, at home, in the car or in the field. Using readily available alkaline batteries, there is always power at hand for locating and performing emergency repairs. Rapid 12 second heat-up, extended precision tip and simple push-button activation allow quick on the spot repairs.


      A great addition to all emergency and auto tool kits.



      • Equivalent to 9 Watt iron at 480℃ max

      • Lightweight and completely portable

      • Solder up to 160 joints with fully charged batteries

      • Approximately 50 minutes of continuous use

      • Fast start-up, reaches 365℉/185℃ in 12 seconds

      • Dual function of soldering iron and flashlight

      • Use to solder & de-solder micro to medium sized parts, Perfect for field service and repair work



      • Length: Soldering tip mounted 190mm, flashing lens mounted 168mm

      • Weight: Soldering tip mounted 63g, flashing lens mounted 135g

      • Batteries: 3 -- 1.5V Alkaline AA

      • Operating Time: Approx. 50 minute continuous use new battery

      • Approximate Temp. Soldering Tip: 9W(max.)/ 900℉(480℃)

      • Time to Reach Operating Temp.: 365℉/185℃ in 12 seconds

      • Approx. Nos. Of Solder Joints Intermittently: 160 Joints/ Using new Batteries

      • Tip: Patented Tip, Long Life, Iron-Plated, Anti-Corrosion


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      Technical Details

      Dimensions350mm x 145mm x 55mm
      WeightG.W 694g    


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        Cordless Battery - Battery powered Soldering Iron Kit

        SKU 110990219
        1 Available
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