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DSCope U3P100 Dual-Channel 1GSa/s Sampling/100Mhz Bandwidth USB3.0 - Portable Oscilloscope

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DSCope U3P100 oscilloscope is an ultra-portable, dual channel, USB-based digital oscilloscope, with 100MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s sample rate, 2M real-time and 256M single record length.

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DSCope U3P100 oscilloscope is an ultra-portable, dual-channel, USB-based digital oscilloscope, with powerful performance (100MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s sample rate, 2M real-time and 256M single record length). With the easy-to-use cross-platform software, DSView, your circuits can be debugged and analyzed using your desired operating system. Also, with its compact size, you can observe the analog wave and its frequency spectrum conveniently, anywhere at any time. 


  • 2 Analog Channels 
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • 100MHz Bandwidth 
  • Up to 1GSa/s sample rate 
  • Up to 2Gbits hardware memory 
  • Ultra-portable size 
  • Unibody aluminum case 


DSCope has an FPGA-based Waveform Processing Engine, similar to the desktop oscilloscope, instead of MCU-based software implementation. Therefore, the capture rate of this oscilloscopes is high and the waveforms are also smooth. Also, DSView software can process the waveforms efficiently and display waveforms at a real-time refresh rate.

DSCope U3P100 supports USB3.0 interface and bandwidth up to 5Gbps. This is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 which is achieved at a microsecond transmission delay. 

The Analog front-end bandwidth of this oscilloscope can reach up to 100Mhz and it has a single-chip high-speed ADC instead of a low-end splicing scheme which results in high reliability and high precision. Also, this has a real-time sample rate up to 1GSa/s. Real-time sampling rate is important when working with digital circuits, unlike equivalent sampling. 

Most oscilloscopes only mark the highest sample rate. But mainly, the actual sample rate depends on the record length. DSView always shows the actual sample rate, providing a very important reference for users.

There is a patented ground protection technology included in this oscilloscope and it protects your oscilloscope and computer from damage by the ground connection automatically getting disconnected, if you accidentally connect the ground terminal probe to a power supply. 

DSCope U3P100 uses 2Gbits DDR3 memory and has a record length up to 2Mpts for real-time acquisition and up to 256Mpts for single acquisition. Also, this can perform long-time acquisition without losing details.

This oscilloscope has a minimum vertical sensitivity of 10mv/div. If a battery-powered notebook is used as a display terminal, excellent noise performance can be obtained. DSCope is a sharp tool for power ripple measurement. Also, it supports manual amplitude calibration which leads to higher vertical accuracy.

This can measure signals in the range ±1000v with a x100 high-voltage probe (not included). 


Pay attention to right and safety grounding.

This oscilloscope allows you to display the output curves on your computer screen through DSView and also it is much easier to navigate unlike using a traditional oscilloscope. 

DSView software is supported by multiple platforms and the drivers come prebuilt with digital signatures. The software provides rich measurements with many details. Also, it is very convenient to review, share and reprocess the oscilloscope data.

The software comes with many features and supports up to 20 Auto Measurements, FFT-based Spectrum Analysis, Math Functions(add/subtract/multiply/divide), Lissajous Figure(X-Y mode) and Data Acquisition Mode which can do long time continuous records (>24hours@1KHz)

This is an ultra-portable oscilloscope that can easily fit in your pocket and carry around and take measurements anywhere. Also, it’s outer case is made of CNC Aluminum and features a fanless design without noise.


If you are using a mains powered (grounded) host computer, the ground terminals of DSCope is also connected to the real ground, you must avoid connecting any ground terminals to HOT DUTs. DSCope has overcurrent protection, but we recommend that you should try to avoid any short circuit event. After all the ability of the upstream USB port is an uncertain factor.


  • Main Type-C USB 3.0 interface
  • Auxiliary Type-C USB interface
  • BNC connectors (Standard Probe Interface)
  • Extension interface (Pogo Pin Connector)


Parts List

  • DSCope U3P100 (fully tested)
  • x2 USB 3.0 cable(1.0M length, A to Type-C)
  • x2 P6200 probes
  • x1 Carrying Case
  • Software not included — download here


HSCODE 9030201000
USHSCODE 9030906800
EUHSCODE 9030900000
RoHS 1




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  1. Product Quality
    If you're considering it, I recommend it
    As of writing, the description above contains no mention of the open source software, which was a big selling point for me (apart from hardware capabilities of course).

    The hardware design is compact and comes in a nice carry case. The 1x-10x probes seem decent and come with several options of color bands for the cables, for those that care enough to change them (or the color blind). Also included, but not mentioned above as of writing are 2 short ground pins, a test hook extension, and a blade extension (~1mm wide blade, I don't know what these are called).

    As stated, the software is open source, so providing there are enough open source programmers interested in it, it will always be improved. In it's current form, it works well, it does everything I need it to do & it has a nice dark theme.

    My only tiny gripe (as they are rarely used) are the ground and test connectors on the device. They are a little too close to the probe connectors in my opinion. Once you screw in the probes, it is a little finicky to attach a probe to them. It's nothing major, it just takes a second or 2 to get the right angle and make sure it's latched, as opposed to easily clipping onto them in a split second on other scopes as they are unobstructed. If DreamsourceLabs read this, move them out a couple of mm on the next revision ;)

    Overall, this thing is great value-for-money and I would highly recommend it if you're considering it.


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