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      DepthEye 3D visual TOF Depth Camera

      DepthEye 3D visual TOF Depth Camera

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      50+ Available

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      This development board can be only used for prototyping, it cannot be built into a product for commercial distribution. It cannot be re-sold or used as part of a production environment.

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      The Depth Eye is the cost-effective TOF base depth camera. It use TI opt8320 sensor and pass all depth data including pointcloud via USB cable.


      • Amazing tiny size

      • USB 2.0 interface

      • Provide Pointcloud  and RAW depth data 

      • FOV(D* H*V ) :90 * 75 * 59

      • 2 850nm band infrared LED

      • F/NO. is 1.09 

      • TI OPT8320 sensor

      • Resolution is 80*60

      Sensor Features:

      • Measures Phase with QVGA(80x60)resolution

      • 1/6"Optical Format

      • Up to 1000fps frame rate

      • Global Reset & Shutter

      • Programmable Features

         -Frame Size, frame rate        

         -Exposure, ROI        

      • De-aliasing, temp compensation

      • IR pass filter (820nm to 865nm)

      • 12-bit Phase/Amplitude, 4-bit Ambient

      • Parallel Operating Temperature:0°C to + 70°C



      1) Make sure you have used the correct profile which name is H1ForSeeed
      2) Please don't change the Integration Duty Cycle(intg_time) more than 20% .Otherwise, it is possible to destroy the hardware

      3) The Heat sink could be hot when this module is working, please be carefull to avoid scalding your hands

      4)Support win7 64bit and win10 64bit(Non-Support 32. Some win7 computers may have compatibility display problems and can not display point cloud images.

      Application Scenarios:

      • Gesture recognition

      • General robot navigation and localization

      • Environment scanning and 3D re-modeling

      • Service robot or industrial robot working for long hours

      • Home service /clean robot navigation and localization

      • General simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

      • Smart toy's localization and obstacle avoidance

      Technical Details

      Dimensions60mm x 17mm x 12mm
      WeightG.W 20g    
      SensorTI OPT8320
      Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C
      Accuracy<1.5% of measured distance
      InterfaceUSB 2.0 Micro B

      Part List

      DepthEye 3D visual TOF Depth Camera1
      Micro USB Cable1


      Questions and Answers

      Hi, my device does not work. It also getting very hot. I have downloaded the config files and have copied them into the voxel config directory. Voxel often detects the camera but throws a lot of error messages like that it cannot set the frame rate etc. So i do not receive any data. I hope you can help me fastly, otherwise I have to complain the product via PayPal. Best regards, M.Bayer
      on Feb 27,2018
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      My issue was with the Windows VoxelViewer specifically the profile that has LensOnly in the name. That profile overdrives the IR LEDS and can/did damage the unit. After a bit of troubleshooting the DepthEyeDev team figured it out and updated the profiles that you should replace yours with. Look in the Github site for the .conf files: replace what you have with those files.The VoxelViewer .conf folder for me was in c:\users\usernamegoeshere\.voxel\.conf or something like that. If it's not there then look in program files folder where VoxelViewer got installed.Hope that helps.
      on Feb 28,2018 05:10 AM
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      It also sounds like you may need to remove any profiles from the camera if you put any on there. disconnect, reconnect, reboot, all that. The TI's Voxel Viewer is not very intuitive. It's basically a dev tool written by Texas Instruments and so it's audience is other devs. Email the team (email address on the github site) about your issue and they will try to help you. You may have to send them screen shots and logs. Also it helps to keep in mind that their days may be your nights so try to have patience. thx
      on Feb 28,2018 05:37 AM
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      Maybe you can try .And then email the result to team.Hope that helps.
      on Feb 28,2018 18:19 PM
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      HI thank you for your help. I followed the steps that are described on the DephtEye GitHub site. Now I tried it on another PC and I received an image. But it is still getting very hot, today the camera was getting so hot that the small plastic lenses on the LEDs fallen apart. Now I receive a very bad image. What can I do now? I am sure that I didn't do anything wrong... Regards, M.Bayer
      on Mar 01,2018 02:20 AM
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      May i know which profile you had used ? Do you had changed the Integration Duty Cycle(intg_time)?
      on Mar 01,2018 10:49 AM
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      The technical information given here is rather dearth. Please supply more information and examples.
      on Jan 17,2018
      Replyupvote ()
      Hi there~ The engineer is working on the data file.We will update it asap.Regards
      on Jan 22,2018 11:09 AM
      Replyupvote ()
      Thank you, DepthEyeDev. You all have been fast, kind and courteous in resolving out the issue. I appreciate that a lot. I will happily change my review when I am able to edit/change it. It won't let me change it currently, but when I can change it I will. thank you again.
      on Feb 24,2018 00:35 AM
      Replyupvote ()
      Hi Joe~ We've not got your email. Did all your problems soveled? As for the review,the system do not support change review right now.Thanks for your understanding.
      on Feb 26,2018 15:44 PM
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      I am confused. Is this unit expected to get really hot (&gt;150 C) or not? If so, I guess that's the way it is and I will just deal with it, but I'd like to know what to expect. thanks.
      on Mar 02,2018
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      The module mainly has two heat sources, one is sensor, and the working temperature is about 62 degrees. The other is IR LED. Its temperature is higher than that of sensor, but it doesn't reach 150 degrees. For the case you detect the temperature of IR LED is 150 degrees, it is because the wrong Prifile is used. You can try it once more with the module using the H1ForSeeed profile.
      on Mar 03,2018 10:52 AM
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        DepthEye 3D visual TOF Depth Camera

        SKU 102090004
        50+ Available
        Maximum Qty: 5

          I accept the restriction

        This development board can be only used for prototyping, it cannot be built into a product for commercial distribution. It cannot be re-sold or used as part of a production environment.

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