DockerPi 4 Channel Relay is a member of the DockerPi Series,more commonly used in IOT applications.

DockerPi 4 Channel Relay can relay AC/DC, instead of traditional switches, to achieve more ideas.

DockerPi 4 Channel Relay can stack up to 4, and can be stacked with other DockerPi expansion board. If you need to run for a long time, we also recommend that you use our DockerPi Power expansion board to provide more power.



  • DockerPi Series
  • Programmable
  • Control directly(without programming)
  • Extend the GPIO Pins
  • 4 Channel Relay
  • 4 Alt I2C Addr Support
  • Relay Status LEDs
  • Support 3A 250V AC
  • Support 3A 30V DC
  • Can Stack with other Stack board
  • Independent of the mainboard hardware (require I2C support)


How to connect the electrical device

Please pay attention to this mark on the board:

  • NC = Normal Close
  • COM = Common
  • NO = Normal Open


Mechanical Drawing

Register Map

Register AddressFunctionValue
0x01 Relay 1 0(FULL OFF) - 1/255(ON)
0x02 Relay 2 0(FULL OFF) - 1/255(ON)
0x03 Relay 3 0(FULL OFF) - 1/255(ON)
0x04 Relay 4 0(FULL OFF) - 1/255(ON)


Device Address Map

DIP switch status iconDevice Address
Dipswitch01.jpg 0x10
Dipswitch02.jpg 0x11
Dipswitch03.jpg 0x12
Dipswitch04.jpg 0x13


Part List:

1 x Docker Pi 4 Channel Relay
1 x Instructions
4 x M2.5*12 + 6 Copper stick
4 x M2.5*6 Nut
4 x M2.5*6 Half-round head screw


HSCODE 8536419000
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