EL Wire-Green 3m
  • EL Wire-Green 3m
  • EL Wire-Green 3m
  • EL Wire-Green 3m

EL Wire-Green 3m

SKU 104990038
This is a 3 meter long roll, with high-brightness and long-life EL wire
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This is a 3 meter long roll, with high-brightness and long-life EL wire. The brightest and best looking EL color we could find for you. You need an inverter to drive the EL light, to control it, please pick up an EL Shield.
Please note! EL tape, EL wire and EL panel are made with different processes - the color and brightness will not be consistent between the different types of EL products.
  • Can be bent, paste or hang up, can be made into any shape and length so it is very easy and convenient to install and use.
  • Low power consumption (cold light, 97% electricity converted into light, no heat loss), no UV, soft light, environmental friendly materials.
  • The light radiation at night is extremely bright, eye-catching.
  • Ultrathin, lightweight, easy to use for production and construction of everything.
  • Operating Voltage: 20 ~ 220V           Optimum Operating Voltage: 120V 
  • Operating Frequency: 50 ~ 5000Hz   Optimum Operating Frequency :1500-2000Hz 
  • Static Capacitance: 6nf / m (20 ° C, the RH <80%) 
  • Brightness: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz) 30cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2 
  • Power: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz)108mw / m ~ 1032mw / m 
  • Light life: (at 100V, 400Hz) normal temperature and humidity, approximately 8000 hours 
  • Operating Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C  ~ +60° C; RH <90% 
  • Storage Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C  ~ +60 ° C; RH <65% 
  •  Thickness: 2.3mm


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Questions and Answers

What is the minimum bend radius?

on Oct 19,2016
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Hi Dear. We have no this parameter .Sorry for that.But it has a excellent bending.

on Oct 20,2016 10:44 AM
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Is the inverter included, or should it be ordered separately?

on Oct 19,2016
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Just only EL wire??? inverter not included.

on Oct 20,2016 10:41 AM
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Excellent! How does it have to be indicated on the board? Can it be just a via with the outline line passing in the middle of the hole? I'm using Eagle CAD.

on Oct 20,2016 10:45 AM
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