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Espruino Board

This product is discontinued, please consider the upgraded Espruino Board v1
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This product is discontinued, please consider the upgraded Espruino Board v1.4 as an alternative product.

Espruino is a small computer that anyone can use to control things around them. Its JavaScript interpreter gives you instant feedback so that you can experiment and develop whatever your level of experience. Even if you've never written code before, you can still use the graphical code editor to write programs without typing a single word!
Just plug Espruino into your computer, use our Chrome Web IDE or your favorite terminal app and you'll be writing software in minutes. You can even use the Web IDE to automatically download JavaScript modules that will help you interface to hardware such as LCDs and Wireless modules.
Espruino's event-based nature means that it can save power whenever possible, drawing just 0.1mA and allowing your projects to run for years on normal AA batteries, or forever on a small solar panel.
  • Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android (via Bluetooth or USB OTG)
  • Less than half the size of a business card – just 54mm x 41mm
  • Using the popular JavaScript language, Espruino supports Strings, Maps, Objects, and Dynamic Arrays right out of the box!
  • 72Mhz ARM microcontroller with 256KB of Flash memory and 48KB of RAM
  • Micro USB connector, Micro SD card connector, and a JST Battery connector with a wide input voltage range of 3.6v to 15v
  • Red, Green and Blue LEDs, with 2 pushbuttons (one of which is reset by default)
  • Solder an HC-05 Bluetooth module (not included) directly onto the board and program and debug Espruino wirelessly!
  • 44 GPIO pins on a 0.1" pin spacing, with 26 PWM pins, 16 ADC pins, 5 USARTs, 3 SPI, 2 I2C and 2 DACs
  • Power Consumption: 35mA run, 12mA sleep, 0.1mA in deep sleep.
  • Prototype area which can be used for servo headers, wireless modules and SOIC surface mount parts such as motor drivers
  • Built in drivers for the TI CC3000 WiFi module (not included), as well as a graphics library with vector fonts.
  • Open Source software and hardware
  • Espruino Website with full documentation, many tutorials, and an active forum
Note: For support, please see our website and forum .

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 11g
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