Fubarino SD

Fubarino SD

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The Fubarino SD board brings affordable, breadboard compatible high speed computing power to the Arduino-compatible chipKIT/MPIDE platform. It is able to run almost all Arduino sketches right out of the box at a great price, and includes more memory, speed, and I/O pins than a typical Arduino or clone. And it includes a microSD card slot for easy sketch access to huge file storage.

  • PIC32MX440F256H - 256K Flash, 32K RAM @ 80MHz 32-bit MIPS core

  • MPIDE (Mulit Platform IDE - a fork of the Arduino IDE) supports Fubarino SD board out of the box

  • 45 Digital IO (many are 5V tolerant)

  • 15 Analog inputs (10-bit)

  • 2 hardware serial ports (UARTs) - one accessible on pins 28 (rx) and 29 (tx), the other on pins 8 and 9, plus a serial connection over USB (12Mbps)

  • Comes with headers for easy mounting on a breadboard

  • Directly compatible with 3.3V devices. No level converting necessary.

  • Small form factor - easy to integrate into your project

  • Great for projects that need two hardware serial ports plus a USB connection and file storate

  • Easy to program, no additional hardware is required to load sketches – just plug into a USB port and run MPIDE

  • Can be used as USB to microSD adapter

  • ICSP Header for use with optional Microchip hardware programmer/debuggers (like PICKit3, ICD3 or RealIce)

  • Can be powered through USB, or 2.3V to 13V DC input power

  • Extra power and ground pins for ease of wiring into your project

  • microSD slot connected to the PIC32 hardware SPI port for large file access from your sketches

  • USB bootloader (avrdude compatible) for seemless sketch uploading within MPIDE

Programming mode

Press and hold the PRG button while pressing and releasing the RESET button, then release the PRG button. This causes the Fubarino SD to enter programming mode. You must do this before you upload a new sketch from MPIDE.

Technical Details

Dimensions120mm x 80mm x 5.60mm
WeightG.W 13g    

Part List

Fubarino SD1


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Questions and Answers

Is it possible to supply this board with PIC having more RAM (PIC32MX795F512H) ?
on Oct 19,2016
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Yes! Absolutely. We built 100 of the Fubarino SD v1.4 boards (the ones that Seeed makes and sells here) with the MX795F512H and they worked great. However, using the more expensive chip raises the cost of the board quite a bit, as it is the most expens
on Oct 20,2016 10:45 AM
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    Fubarino SD

    SKU 102990019
    This item is not available at the moment
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