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Merry Christmas! This is a kit helping you build little, glowing Christmas trees. Fistly, connect LED and coin battery. Then, place them into respective slots in the board. And fix another board perpendicular to this board. The Christmas stands and starts to glow. The arrangement would light up for several days, However, you can switch it off by pull-tab. Each LED glows quite different with verious materials of board, try them out. And you can use the overlay sitcker to make a colorful Christmas tree.

Part List

  • Acrylic board × 6

  • LED × 6

  • Coin battery × 3

  • Quick guide × 1

  • Sticker × 1

  • Battery insulation pull tab × 3

Technical details

Dimensions 105mm x66mm x29mm
Weight G.W 83g
Battery Lithium Cells/Batteries packed with equipment UN3481 -PI966

Part List

Glowing Christmas Tree Kit 1


HSCODE 9405409000
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