Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2

Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2

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The Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2 is a little elegant screen that can add screen intertaction feature to you Arduino.With the on board 4-pin I2C Grove connector, you can plug-and-play with the screen and Arduino in no time. 

This is the second version of our Grove - OLED Display 1,12'', it has 16 grayscale, 1.12'' screen size, and use I2C to communication, these features are the same as the first version. In order to make the screen better, we also made some update comparing to the first generation. It has a whole new OLED screen with 128 x 128 grayscale pixels. We also removed the components on the back of the screen to make the screen more stable. 

Technical Details

Dimensions40mm x 40mm x 12mm
WeightG.W 15g    
Dot Matrix 128 x 128 pixels
Color Grayscale Display (16 Gray shades)
Interface I2C
Working Voltage 3.3v/5v
Supports both Normal and Inverse Color Display
Supports Continuous Horizontal Scrolling
Grove compatible 4pin I2C connector

Part List

Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V21
Grove Cable1




Questions and Answers

Please provide a simple example of how I can send byte patterns to the OLED display from an Azure Sphere SDK project. Then I can use the command table example from the specification document to drive the display.
on Oct 18,2018
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Specifically which UART do I write to in order for the OLED display to receive the byte command?
on Oct 18,2018 03:46 AM
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    Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2

    SKU 101020452
    9 Available
    $14.90/ 1pcs+
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