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Grove - RGB LED Ring (24-WS2813 Mini)

Grove - RGB LED Ring (24-WS2813 Mini) is a cost-effective full color LED ring with 24 chainable and programmable WS2813 mini LEDs.

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"I don't dance,

        but here I am.

             Spinning you around and around in circles"


24 diamond-like full-color WS2813 Mini LEDs are placed around a 70 mm diameter ring, my friends, let's dance with those shinning LED rings.


We've already released the Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini), now the Grove - RGB LED Ring family has welcomed three new members:


The WS2813B-Mini intelligent control LED is an upgraded version of WS2812B, the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated into a package of 3535 components. With the help of the build-in control circuit, each LED is addressable. So you can control the lighting and color of specific LED lights as you like, creating endless lighting effects. A significant advantage of WS2813B-Mini compared to traditional LED is the support for signal break-point continuous transmission. This means that even if one or two LEDs are damaged, the entire LED ring will still work properly.


Each LED is chainable and we also keep the chainable pads on the back of the LED rings, so you can cascade several LED rings to make it even cooler. Since all those Grove - RGB LED Rings are based on WS2813 Mini, you can also connect the rings of different diameters together.

When multiple light rings are connected together, the control signal can be input from the Grove SIG pin or from the DIN input. However, Grove VCC has insufficient power supply and needs to input power from VIN.


On top of that, with the on-board Grove connector and cable, all these wonderful things only need to be plugged and unplugged.  



  • 256 gray levels, 256*256*256=16777216” full-color display
  • Built-in control circuit in a 3535 components
  • Chainable, can be cascaded with multiple LED rings
  • Support 5V/3.3V power in, support 5V/3.3V control data level.
  • Dual-signal wires, signal break-point continuous transmission

Signal break-point continuous transmission

As long as not two or more adjacent LEDs are broken, the remaining LEDs will be able to work normally


Hardware Overview 


1- Actually, the control data signal inputs are connected. So please do not input different signals at the same time.

2- The two power ports are isolated, and the Grove VCC can only supply up to 400mA, so please use VIN when multiple LED rings are cascaded.




HSCODE 9405409000
USHSCODE 9405418200
EUHSCODE 9405413910
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1




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