Grove - Solid State Relay


Grove - Solid State Relay, SSR, switch

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We've released the Seeed Relay Selection Guide, it will help you choose the relay that best suits your needs.


Grove – Solid State Relay is a non-contact electronic switch module that has relay features. Based on S208T02, it has a maximum output of 250VAC/4A, with a switching speed less than 10ms. This module is equipped with acrylic base and a 3D-printed protection insulation shield, for user’s safety. The featured LED indicates that the relay is on. It can be widely used in various areas such as computer peripheral interfaces, temperature/speed/light adjustment, servo control, petrochemical, medical instrumentations, financial devices, coal, meters, traffic signals, etc.


  • 3D-printed protection insulation shield

  • Compatible with both 3.3V and 5V control level

  • Low switching latency (≤10ms)

  • LED on-state indicator

  • Featured radiator provide better stability

  • Acrylic base and insulation paper increase safety performance

  • Grove compatible

Now we have multi-channel solid state relays, you can check it here:

Grove - Solid State Relay V2

Grove - 2-Channel Solid State Relay

Grove - 4-Channel Solid State Relay

Grove - 8-Channel Solid State Relay

This module only works with AC load for the output. If you use DC load, once the relay is turned on, it will always stay on.

Technical details

Dimensions 70mm x60mm x65mm
Weight G.W 54.5g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove - Solid State Relay 1


HSCODE 8538900000
USHSCODE 85364100
UPC 841454107637


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