Grove Starter Kit for LinkIt 7697

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Grove starter kit for LinkIt 7697 is a complete hardware solution to help you explore the IoT space and create innovative projects. It is a starter kit for LinkIt 7697, best choice for IoT developer to develop potential of LinkIt 7697 and build prototype.

The Grove Breakout board is specially designed for LinkIt 7697 to expand the connectivity to the larger amount of Grove modules. Here are a collection of plug-and- play Grove sensors, actuators and shields that we have had success using with LinkIt 7697. Because the LinkIt 7697 can be plugged on breadboard directly, the kit also contains some basic circuit components and a breadboard to let you getting started quickly.



Support Arduino IDE

Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697

Plug-and-play Grove modules


Part List

Grove Modules:

  • Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697 x1

  • Grove - IMU 9DOF x1

  • Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro x1

  • Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger x1

  • Grove - Relay  x1

  • Grove - OLED Display 0.96"  x1

  • Grove - Light Sensor x1

  • Grove - LED Bar x1

  • Grove – Servo x1

Basic Circuit Components:

  • Breadboard 82mm x 53mm x1

  • Button x5

  • 10K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer x1

  • 1K Ohm Resistor x10

  • 10K Ohm Resistor x10

  • 330 Ohm Resistor  x10

  • RGB LED x1

  • Red LED x5


  • Micro USB Cable – 48 cm x1

  • Breadboard Jumper Wire x25

  • 200g Kraft Paper Bag 115mm x 75mm  x1


Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 328g    

Part List

Grove Breakout for LinkIt 76971
Grove - IMU 9DOF1
Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro1
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger1
Grove - Relay1
Grove - OLED Display 0.96"1
Grove - Light Sensor1
Grove - LED Bar1
Grove – Servo1
Breadboard 82mm x 53mm1
10K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer1
1K Ohm Resistor10
10K Ohm Resistor10
330 Ohm Resistor10
Red LED5
Micro USB Cable – 48 cm1
Breadboard Jumper Wire25
200g Kraft Paper Bag 115mm x 75mm1




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    Grove Starter Kit for LinkIt 7697

    SKU 110060702
    21 Available
    $55.00/ 1pcs+
    $49.50/ 10pcs+
    $46.90/ 20pcs+
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