Grove Starter kit for Arduino&Genuino 101

Rapid prototyping Well-chosen Grove modules Easy-to-use base shield
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Holding both an Arduino/Genuino 101and a nice idea but don’t know where to start? This kit can help you on that. It introduces the simplicity of Grove System to your Arduino project. The Grove Base Shield works perfectly on the Arduino/Genuino 101 or any development board that applies the Arduino Uno form factor. With a bunch of well-chosen and plug-and-play Grove modules, you can set up a project and turn your idea into real thing easily and quickly. Now check out the part list below to see what we’ve prepared for you!

NOTE: This kit DOES NOT include the Arduino/Genuino 101.


  • Plug-N-play Grove system

  • Easy-to-use base shield for Arduino/Genuino 101

  • Various well-chosen Grove sensors and actuators for rapid prototyping

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 328g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove- Button 1
Grove – Sound Sensor v1.2 1
Grove – Touch Sensor 1
Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 1
Grove – Temperature Sensor v1.1 1
Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor(P) 1
Grove – Piezo Vibration Sensor 1
Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 1
Grove – Buzzer 1
Grove – LED v1.3 1
Gear Stepper Motor with Driver 1
Grove Base Shield v2 1
Grove Universal 4 Pin Cable 1
Red LEDs 1
Green LEDs 1
Blue LEDs 1


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 9023000000
UPC 841454117841




How to use the Stepper motor and driver in the Arduino Grove Starter Kit.
Learn Image
This comprehensive test box uses the Grove Sensor Starter Kit to complete some interesting experiments.
Converting a rover to use the Arduino 101 including the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio and 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
Grove system is designed to connect a processor to the real world through different transducers (such as sensors and motors), expansion boards and Grove wires which look like a ribbon cable. With Grove system, you will not bother to handle excessive and c



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