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Grove Zero Starter Kit V2.0

This kit comes complete with 9 color-coded, snap and play, programmable Grove Zero modules designed for STEM education. Kids are free to connect modules in different ways to create their projects. Throughout this process, kids will develop programming skills, creativity and logical thinking.

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This kit includes 9 Grove zero modules and is designed for kids who are beginners to graphical programming and robotics. Among these modules, the light sensor, sound sensor, and twin-button module are what we call input modules; while the buzzer, RGB LED, LED matrix and servo are categorized as output modules. By connecting one or more modules to the included mainboard and battery module, you can implement a lot of your exciting and fun projects!
Comprehensive default programs are pre-loaded in any combination of input and output modules (for more info, check here), that means, you can still explore a variety of interesting projects when snapping them together for the first time.
After having a basic understanding of those modules, you can follow the Invention guidebook to make one of the suggested projects. Particularly, 5 of the projects can be built without any help of graphical programming. You just need to decorate them with the included project sheet and they will work perfectly with the preloaded default code.

However, the fun doesn't end when you complete all of our projects in the Guidebook. We have graphical programming software, Codecraft to bring unlimited possibilities for your projects. The kit also includes a LEGO-compatible base block for you to integrate LEGO into your creations.


Versatile Magnetic



   Snap & Play     

Lego Comptaible

Color-coded by




This kit is suitable for:

Elementary and high school students / DIY hobbyists / Programming training centers / Maker teachers / Graphical programming beginners / Robotics beginners

Project Examples

Burglar Alarm

A smart alarm that will alert you if someone steals the snacks from your backpack.

Modules: mainboard BLE, lights sensor, buzzer

Music Visualizer

Place it next to a music player. It will create visualizations based on the rhythm of the music.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, sound sensor, LED matrix


An incredible night light that turns on in the dark and turns off in a bright space.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, light sensor, RGB LED

Sound Meter

Shout at this device. And it will display what sound level you achieve. Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, sound sensor, servo

Robot Arm Control

A basic robotic arm made with a twin-button module and a servo.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, twin-button, servo, cable

One-eyed Monster

This is a little monster who is afraid of darkness. If you cover the light sensor on its head, it will start moving.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, light sensor, servo, RGB LED, cable

Space Dream

This is a baby spaceman who changes its mood when it hears a different sound.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, sound sensor, servo, LED matrix, cable

The Dancing Octopus

A friend of baby spaceman, he dances happily if he hears a loud sound.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, sound sensor, servo

Wheel of Fortune

Cover the light sensor, the wheel will show a number. This could be a nice game to play with your friends.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, light sensor, LED matrix, buzzer

Game Boy

A simple fighter jet game.

Required modules: mainboard BLE, battery, twin-button, LED matrix, buzzer

Programming Platform



CodeCraft is our graphical programming tool which brings hardware to life. Codecraft is regularly updated with demos and example projects to help you get your first project running ASAP! 

Recommended Ages: All ages


easy-to-use and user-friendly; supports programming on a wide range of hardware and has various tutorials and projects for users; supports translation between block-based code and a text based code

Part List 

  • 1x Grove Zero - Buzzer
  • 1x Grove Zero - LED Matrix 5*6
  • 1x Grove Zero - Sound Sensor
  • 1x Grove Zero - RGB LED
  • 1x Grove Zero - Servo
  • 1x Grove Zero - Main Board BLE
  • 1x Grove Zero - Analog Light Sensor
  • 1x Grove Zero - Battery
  • 1x Grove Zero - Twin Button v2
  • 1x micro B USB Cable L500mm-White @
  • 3x Flat Cable 11P
  • 4x Lego Compatible Base Board
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Project Guide
  • 40x R3050 Plastic Rivets - black
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 3x RGB LED Cover
  • 14x Projects Templates

Package Dimensions: 247 (L) * 178 (W) * 56 (H) (mm)
Weight 100 (g)
Age for Use: all ages
Power Supply :micro USB cable
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max)


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 9023000000
EUHSCODE 9023001000
CE 1
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1





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