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      Hardware Development Kit for Arduino Uno

      Hardware Development Kit for Arduino Uno

      SKU 110060136
      2 Available


      Click here to buy Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for Arduino Leonardo.

      This Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for Arduino Uno is your easiest way to get started designing an Arduino Uno project.

      The guidelines give you the drawings of common circuits like power (voltage regulator), Oscillator and Reset, etc., which will greatly shorten the designing process.

      This kit also includes commonly used components like Atmega328p, 16M crystal, resistor, switch, etc.  And the quantity is sufficient for at least 2 prototypes, which can get you out of the headache of purchasing small quantity components.

      The parts are all in DIP which can be assembled by hand without much difficulty.



      • Most commonly-used components

      • Available for individual purchase

      • Includes DIP Atmega328p with Arduino Uno Bootloader

      • IC Pinout configuration diagram

      • Modular circuits breakdown, e.g. UART, Power, Microcontroller


      Part List

      • Commonly-used circuits instructions 

      • IC Pin configuration diagram

      • $10 Fusion coupon X1

      • Protoboards X2

      • ATMEGA328P-PU X2

      • ATMEGA16U2-MU X2

      • Crystal 16MHz X5

      • USB connector X3

      • Ethernet RJ45 connector X2

      • JST 2.0 connector X2

      • DIP DC Power Jack X2

      • Colourful LED X24

      • PMIC Vin 30V Vout 3.3V  X3

      • PMIC Vin 25V Vout 5V X3

      • DIP Resistor 1K X20

      • DIP Resistor 10K X10

      • DIP CAP Ceramic 22pF X10

      • DIP CAP Ceramic 100nF X20

      • DIP CAP Aluminum 47uF-16V X6

      • Male header(3p/14p/40p) X13

      • Female header X12

      • IC Socket X3

      • Button X8

      • Jumper Wires X25

      • Rivet X10


      Technical Details

      Dimensions200mm x 125mm x 45mm
      WeightG.W 334g    

      Part List

      $10 Fusion coupon 1
      Crystal 16MHz5
      USB connector3
      Ethernet RJ45 connector2
      JST 2.0 connector2
      DIP DC Power Jack2
      Colourful LED24
      PMIC Vin 30V Vout 3.3V3
      PMIC Vin 25V Vout 5V 3
      DIP Resistor 1K20
      DIP Resistor 10K10
      DIP CAP Ceramic 22pF10
      DIP CAP Ceramic 100nF20
      DIP CAP Aluminum 47uF-16V6
      Male header(3p/14p/40p)13
      Female header12
      IC Socket3
      Jumper Wires25


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        Hardware Development Kit for Arduino Uno

        SKU 110060136
        2 Available
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