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      Humble PI - Prototype Board for Raspberry Pi

      Humble PI - Prototype Board for Raspberry Pi

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      The Humble PI is a full size electronics prototyping board for the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer. The main specifications are:


      • GPIO header is broken out to twin row pads (convenient and fast access for more than single wire hookups)

      • Construction is very easy (suitable even for children with basic soldering skills)

      • Optional voltage regulator kit (for when you want to use power other than the Pi power)

      • Pick up points for the Pi 3.3v and 5v supply (flexible options for powering your project)

      • Centre power rails (perfect for powering IC's and it eliminates lots of wiring)

      • 2.54mm holes arranged in 3's (a seriously convenient layout)

      • Featured in popular publications (good base of knowledge around the board, such as Everyday Practical Electronic's series of projects)

      • Available worldwide (many people now stock the board)



      • Gold plated finish (Protection against oxidization means your device will outlast normal solder finished boards)

      • Comes as a complete"self solder"kit of parts

      • Complete with supporting standoff

      • Made in the UK

      • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.



      • 84.6mm x 55.5mm x 11.5mm (14.9 with optional DC jack)






      If you need to ask questions, please do on the forum at

      Technical Details

      Dimensions80mm x 70mm x 7.5mm
      WeightG.W 16g    

      Part List

      Humble PI - Prototype Board for Raspberry Pi1


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        Humble PI - Prototype Board for Raspberry Pi

        SKU 103990029
        7 Available
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