Microwave Sensor - 5.8GHz Doppler Radar Motion Sensor - MW0582TR11

MW0582TR11 - 5.8GHz Microwave Doppler Radar Motion Sensor is a microwave Doppler radar that has a frequency of 5.8GHz. This microwave sensor has high sensitivity and precision and it can be used in some industrial and light controlling applications. 

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Key Features

  • Microwave radar: 5.8GHz doppler microwave radar
  • Good antenna directivity: less volume but better antenna directivity due to the craftsmanship of the antenna.
  • Easy for development: UART interface, plug, and read data.
  • High sensitivity and precision: MCU built-in intelligent algorithm for wiping out noise interference.


MW0582TR11 - 5.8GHz microwave doppler radar motion sensor is designed by the Maxustech company. This microwave sensor is a microwave module that can transmit the electromagnetic wave of 5.8GHz. It can detect the difference between the transmitted wave and reflection wave to judge whether there is an object moving over the microwave sensor.

In order to get the accurate data from the object, this Doppler radar motion sensor has a self-made patch antenna which has a good antenna directivity. This means the microwave sensor performed well in detecting a specific area. Moreover, this kind of microwave sensor has an MCU inside which include intelligent algorithm to avoid noise gain caused by the device itself. It can also tell apart the environment effect such as moving branch and would not cause false-alarm thanks to the algorithm.

This microwave sensor not only has a sharp “eye” to detect the moving object but also easy to be developed because of its UART interface. As a matter of fact, this microwave sensor can simply plug into the Arduino board or Raspberry Pi through the serial port. Or you can just use a TTL to USB converter module to connect with your PC to read the data. Easy and convenient.


  • Power supply: 5V
  • Baud rate: 512000
  • Interface: UART
  • Current consumption: 40~70mA
  • Radiated Power: -30~7dBm(Adjustable by software)
  • Frequency Setting: 5.725~5.875GHz(Adjustable by software)
  • Receive Sensitivity: -60dBm
  • Antenna E-plane Angle: 104
  • Antenna H-plane Angle: 153
  • Antenna Gain: 2dBi
  • Detection range: 10m(Adjustable by software)
  • Operating Temperature: -20~85℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20~85℃
  • Dimension: 39x22.5x1(mm)

Difference Between Microwave and PIR Motion Sensor

Sensitivity Under sensitive in higher background temperatures.

Over sensitive in lower temperatures.
Consistent detection over all temperatures.
Detection Can be insensitive when walking directly towards the sensor. Can sense movement through walls and other objects except for metal.

(Ref: Green Lighting)


When using Python SDK, you will get a plot above. If there is a moving object in front of the microwave sensor, there will exist a violent waveform which means the moving object has been detected.

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