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Mini-Weather Station using Arduino UNO &ThingSpeak

The kit can provide the components needed to implement an Arduino mini weather station with Wi-Fi connection. Including an Arduino UNO development board and Arduino Proto Shield, an ESP8266 and the sensors you need for the weather information you want, such as the most basic temperature sensor, light sensor and so on.





    Igor Fonseca Albuquerque provided us with a tutorial on how to create a simple Arduino-based mini weather station with Wi-Fi connection. And the mini weather station can use ThingSpeak platform to publish data publicly.

    Before officially starting this project, you should prepare the listed Arduino UNO development board and Arduino Proto Shield, an ESP8266, various weather sensors, jumper wires and other components. With these things ready, we can start to build our mini weather station!

    The construction of the system is easy to get started. You can connect all the components according to the provided schematic diagram, and connect the sensors to the breadboard through jumpers. After the hardware connection is completed, connect to the computer USB port via a USB cable. Before that, you should download the latest Arduino IDE and install the relevant library files. You can download and burn the code through the web page. Then use the ThingSpeak platform to create your own channel, you can see all the weather status changes.For specific operations and codes, you can refer to Arduino UNO Mini-Weather Station.


    • Small size and easy to build, suitable for Arduino entry projects

    • Flexible development, you can display more weather information items on the basis of this item

    • The current value of each variable is displayed in a graph in real time


    • Mini-Weather Station





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