OV2640 Camera


OV2640 Camera is a 2 Megapixel FPC OV2640 camera module with a f3.6mm lens.

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Sorry, we finally confirmed that this camera is not a fisheye lens, so we changed the product name and modified the related description. If you need a refund, please contact our customer service order@seeed.cc


OV2640 Camera is a 2 Megapixel OV2640 camera module with an f3.6mm lens. It contains a 24pin FPC interface.

A wide-angle lens and 1632 x 1232 high resolution make it a perfect camera for Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing and other Sipeed serial board.  


Connection Demo


HSCODE 8525801302
USHSCODE 8529.90.8100

Face Count and Display: Using Grove AI HAT and Pi

We used the Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing and Raspberry Pi to design the face counter.

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  • Is this camera compatible with Raspberry Pi?
    Question by: Kent Walker on 2019-06-04 21:41:02

    Hi there, It is not compatible, the interface is different. thanks.

    Answer by: admin on 2019-06-12 07:16:37