Opne8008B - QVGA Time-of-Flight Sensor Evaluation Kit

Opene8008B - QVGA Time-of-Flight Sensor Evaluation Kit is a high-resolution ToF camera to get the depth image. 

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Key Features

      • High-resolution accuracy 320x240 < 1%
      • Selectable vcsel illumination - FOV86°x68°/40°x30°, 850nm/940nm IR filter
      • Operating range up to 10m
      • Distance & confidence data at max 120 FPS
      • Built-in temperature sensor& Smart correction
      • 120Klux sunlight rejection
      • Compatible with GUI, Windows & Linux SDK


Please note that the specifications on the Key Features above are general specifications. It is recommended that you consult us about the FOV/range/special needs you need before purchasing. We will provide samples according to your actual needs.


Opene8008B - QVGA Time-of-Flight Sensor Evaluation Kit is a high-resolution ToF camera to get the depth image. It is assembled with Opene8008B - QVGA ToF chip which can reach the resolution of 320x240 and all necessary hardware to operate Opene8008B includes both the camera lens and illumination. It can be connected to a PC for real-time visualization and recording of depth map data.

This ToF camera is proud to introduce its own parameters. For most of the ToF cameras, their maximum operation range is about 5~7m, but this ToF camera can reach up to 10m. Besides, the FPS performance of the camera is 120 at max, so the images would be very coherent under the ToF sensor. And you can select a different IR filter of 850nm and 940nm. You will get a better view of the image using an 850nm filter because it is more sensitive to the camera. And you can reduce the interference by the glow when you use a 940nm filter. Such a selectable filter will make your depth image performance better.

The ToF camera is compatible with an intuitive GUI and can be controlled by many systems like Windows and Linux SDK. You will operate the ToF camera easily as you like.


Resolution 320x240
Die Size 7.52x6.42mm2
Accuracy 1% 5m
Data interface MIPI CSI-2, 2 Lanes
Control interface CCI(I2C)
Power consumption 300w
Operating temperature -20~50°C
FOV 86°x68°/40°x30°
IR filter 850nm/940nm
DC supply 3.5V

Part List

1x Opene8008B - QVGA Time-of-Flight Sensor Evaluation Kit


HSCODE 8525801390
USHSCODE 8525805050






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