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      • Arduino programming, similar to the Arduino Mega
      • Battery-powered with on-board usb charging
      • GSM and GPRS mobile networking with sim-card,GPS
      • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
      • Accelerometer, gyrometer, barometer and temperature sensors
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        Phoenard is a programmable controller and development board with full Arduino programming support. Use the Phoenard to control robots, machines, lights, wearables and more, making use of the onboard wireless communication (GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth) and motion sensors.

        The 16-bit color LCD touchscreen can be used to display user interfaces, for which we provide a full-fledged Arduino library. Display and control buttons, sliders, gauges, graphs and more with very little programming experience required. Design your own widgets and visuals for experienced users. Build interactive solutions to everyday projects!

        Multiple Arduino programs, called sketches, can be stored on the Micro-SD card of the device. The installed on-board software and firmware enables multi-sketch operation. Switch between all your sketches in the home menu while away from the computer.

        Your electronics projects can be docked to the bottom 30-pin connector, which exposes basic design needs such as digital pins, 6 analog input pins, 3v3 power and I2C/SPI/Serial digital interfaces. The connector doubles as a standard docking connector providing audio to the right pins, allowing the device to play music when docked on a docking music station.


        • Arduino programming support with provided libraries

        • atmega2560 processor, similar to the Arduino Mega

        • Battery-powered with on-board usb charging

        • Micro-SD for local storage, audio, images and programs

        • Full-color 320x240 LCD screen

        • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

        • GSM and GPRS mobile networking with sim-card

        • GPS position tracking support

        • Accelerometer, gyrometer, barometer and temperature sensors

        • Audio player for playing audio (from Micro-SD) and MIDI

        • 30-pin connector for connecting external electronics


        • Safe operating conditions

        •     • Temperature: -10 ~ 60 degrees celcius

        •     • Humidity: 20% - 90%

        • Power

        •     • Battery: 1050 mAh Li-Ion

        •     • Charging: 5V 0.5A USB

        •     • Main board voltage: 3v3

        • Processor and memory

        •     • Name: AVR Atmega2560

        •     • Firmware: Custom firmware phoenboot

        •     • Type: Single-core 8-bit RISC

        •     • Speed: 16 Mhz

        •     • Flash memory: 256Kb

        •     • RAM: 8Kb

        •     • EEPROM: 4Kb

        •     • Interfaces: Serial UART, I2C, SPI

        •     • External SPI-RAM: 32Kb

        •     • Micro-SD: FAT16 and FAT32 ready

        • Screen

        •     • Name: ILI9325

        •     • Size: 2.8 inch

        •     • Resolution: 320x240 pixels

        •     • Color: 16-bit color

        •     • Interface: 8-bit parallel bus interface

        •     • Touchscreen: resistive

        • Wireless

        •     • WiFi: ESP8266 module

        •     • Bluetooth: HM-11 module

        •     • SIM908 module: GSM, GPRS and GPS in one package

        •     • Sim card: standard size

        • Sensors

        •     • MPU6050: 3-axis accelerometer and gyro

        •     • HMC5883l: 3-axis magnetometer

        •     • BMP180: barometer and temperature

        •     • SELECT button: tactile input

        • Media controller

        •     • Name: VS1053b

        •     • Media: MP3/ACC/AAC+/WAV/AMR/MIDI

        •     • Control: SPI (Audio) and Serial (MIDI only)

        •     • Output: 3.5mm Audio jack and bottom connector


        A starters guide together with documentation and software examples is available on our website:

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