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Pimoroni Pirate Radio - Pi Zero W Project Kit-Build your very own internet-connected radio

Radio, pi zero, speaker, phat, max98357a, python
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Build your very own internet-connected radio with the Pirate Radio Kit!

This kit has everything* you'll need, including a Pi Zero W, our flash new pHAT BEAT DAC and stereo amp, a 5W speaker, and a beautifully retro acrylic enclosure to make it look the business. It'll take you around 30 minutes to assemble everything (check out our assembly guide for details).

Pirate Radio uses our new pHAT BEAT DAC and stereo amp. to drive the single speaker (left and right channels are mixed when you flip the DIP switch on the underside to mono mode). pHAT BEAT uses the same I2S mono DAC and amplifier that we use on Speaker pHAT and Picade HAT and... adds a second one for stereo goodness! The two rows of 8 APA102 RGB LEDs make the perfect VU meter, and there are 6 buttons along the edges to control your audio.

This kit takes advantage of the built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth on the Pi Zero W, meaning that there's no longer any need for a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

We've put together three different software projects for your Pirate Radio: an internet radio, a Spotify streaming box, or an AirPlay speaker.


• Dual I2S DAC/amplifiers (MAX98357A)

• 3W per channel

• 2x push fit speaker terminals

• DIP switch to select blended mono or stereo modes

• 16 RGB LED pixels (APA102) in 2 rows of 8

• 6 edge-mounted push buttons

Software installer and ALSA VU meter plugin

• 5W 4Ω speaker with pre-soldered wires

• 3-layer blue acrylic enclosure

• Pi Zero W with single core CPU and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth

• Adaptor kit

• 50cm USB A to micro-B cable (power your Pi from an existing charger or computer)

Python library

• Female and male headers require soldering

**Note: This is a soldering project, although you could use one of no-solder hammer headers!

Technical details

Dimensions 145mm x90mm x40mm
Weight G.W 290g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Clear frosted front layer 1
Blue middle layer with slatted speaker grille 1
Blue back layer with circular speaker hole 1
Blue leg retainers 2
Blue legs with rubber feet attached (or clear legs in the original radio) 2
M3 white nylon bolts and nuts 8
M2.5 white nylon bolts and nuts 4
M2.5 spacers 4
Pi Zero W 1
pHAT BEAT DAC and stereo amp. with VU meter and six buttons 1
Male and female 2x20 pin headers 1
Single 5W 4Ω speaker 1
50cm USB A to micro-B cable 1
USB A (female) to micro B (male) adaptor 1
Mini to full-size HDMI adaptor 1
Sticker sheet (personalise your Pirate Radio!) 1
Comes in a reusable kit box 1


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 9023000000
EUHSCODE 9023001000
RoHS 1






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