RFbee V1.1 - Wireless arduino compatible node

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The RFBee is a RF module providing easy and flexible wireless data transmission between devices. It is based on a AVR Atmega168 working as a fully functional Arduino connected via SPI to a TI CC1101 RF transceiver.


  • Range: indoor/Urban: up to 50m; Outdoor line-of-sight: up to 120m;

  • Receiver sensitivity: -95dBm

  • RF data transmission rate: 4,800bps; 76,800bps

  • Working frequency : 868MHz & 915MHz

  • Communication type: Point to Point, or Point to Multipoint.

  • Easy-to-Use serial interface and rich extendable ports

  • Easy-to-Use AT command: Set working mode, Serial Baud Rate, etc.

  • Open source hardware and firmware

  • Socket compatible with the Xbee, so you can plug it into any Xbee socket as a quick replacement.


only the Rx,Tx, VCC, GND pins are identical to the Xbee. RFbee will not communicate with Xbee, so RFbee need to be used on both ends of the wireless connection.

Technical details

Dimensions 60mm x60mm x13mm
Weight G.W 4g
Battery Exclude

Part List

RFbee V1.1 - Wireless arduino compatible node 1


ECCN 5A991.b
HSCODE 8517709000

RFbee V1.1 - Wireless arduino compatible node

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